We are passionate about inviting communities big and small to feast on the abundance of God’s House. (Psalm 36:8)  This looks like being messengers of God’s love and provision to families and individuals in all different walks of life. We feed and love on people at low income apartment complexes and bus stations. We work with school social workers to reach out to families in need. We speak at churches and conferences. This past holiday season we distributed 80 grocery store gift cards to help families cover the costs of holiday meals. God blessed us further in that effort, by allowing us to pray with many of these families for healing and provision for the coming year. This year the hope is to continue to find new and creative ways to bring the reality of God’s Table and his abundant love to communities all over the world…on earth as it is in Heaven.

We believe that from before creation, God’s intention was that people would come from east and west, and from north and south, and recline at table in the kingdom of God. (Luke 13:29) God’s table is about unconditional love and unity. All who gather at His table will be one even as Christ and the Father are one (John 17). Our desire is to create a representation of that table on earth, city by city, by being a place of love, support, and connection for the communities we minister to. As we are obedient in this calling, we know that, through His Spirit, our faithful Father will instill the body of Christ with the truth of promise, identity, and redemption that was always intended for it. One God. One Body. One Table. Growing as His Kingdom comes.

The Growing Table of God is an approved 501(c)3, so all donations are tax deductible.

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